High Density Solutions

What is the Quintis Ultra High Density Solution?

Today’s data centre and telecommunications environments heavily depend on the foundations of the optical network – communicating, transmitting, and protecting the data upon which your business relies.

So what makes your optical network different to your competitor’s network? How can the design and performance of your data / telecom environment contribute more to the bottom-line, while at the same time be mindful of reliability and uptime.

It’s achievable with Optronics Ultra High Density Solutions, industry engineered pre-terminated optical cabling systems by MH Quintis that take your data/telecommunications environments beyond the next level.

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  • High Density Solutions
  • MTP Cassette Modules
  • High Density Chassis for use with MTP Cassette modules
  • Ultra High Density Modular Patch Panel System
  • Fixed Patch Panels
  • Sliding Patch Panels
  • Sliding Patch Panels Chassis, for use with Removable Front Panels
  • Removable Front Panels for use with Sliding Patch Panel Chassis
  • Pre-Loaded Fibre Patch Panels
  • Fusion Splice Protectors
  • Modular Patch Panels for use with LGX Style Adaptor Modules
  • Sliding Modular Patch Panel for use with LGX Style Adaptor Modules
  • AM Style Modular Patch Panels
  • LGX Style Splice Cassettes
  • LGX Style Adapters
  • High Density Chassis
  • Ultra Slim Quick Panel
  • Splice Panels
  • LGX Tamper Resistant Wall Enclosures
  • Tamper Resistant Wall Boxes
  • Lockable Wall Boxes
  • Indoor/Outdoor Distribution Boxes
  • Indoor/Outdoor Wall Boxes
  • Termination Boxes
  • Fibre Splice Trays
  • Accessories

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