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Demand for greater processing power, efficient data centre design and high-speed internet access means choosing the right cabling infrastructure is essential.

The Optronics MTP® solution provides a high density, high performance, robust, modular solution, for fast installation of enterprise data centre and other high fibre count cabling implementation.

Quintis cabling infrastructure systems are designed to deliver mission-critical applications to a data network that demands reliability, speed and availability.            

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f-TUBE Cabling Systems for Data Centres

What is f-TUBE?
f-TUBE is the complete solution!

A new, proven & simple way of installing fibre networks.

f-TUBE offers a complete future proof solution. By simply installing a tube network within your data centre not only you can meet your current demands but you also create an environment where expansion upgrades and replacements are effortless.
The installation of a tubing infrastructure will ensure the network can accommodate any future demands placed upon it.


High Capacity Splicing and Patch Frame Solution


The 6U HCF Splicing & Patch Frame is a high density rack mountable fiber management solution that splices and patches up to 864 fibers in a 6U cabinet space. The 6U HCF has ribbon cabling splicing via a rear positioned hinge down panels that is supplied with a latching feature for both open and closed positions and shuttered Ultra High Density LC adaptor modules on the front of the frame, allowing for smooth patching and easy LC port access.

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