Fiber to the Home - The Optical Distribution Frame

The ODF is the exchange point where the Outside Plant Cables (OSP) enter the PoP.

There is a large variety in OSP cable used in FttH projects. It may be a high fibercount loose tube cable or individual blown customer cables with just 2 fibers.

You can imagine that a single ODF lay-out for entering 4 loose tube cables with each 480 fibers is quite different than an ODF with 960 customer cables entering, each 1.8mm. 

Therefore an ODF should:

  • Be able to handle all sorts of incoming cable high fibercount loose tube, but also blown fiber individual.
  • Be suitable for all types of connectors simplex, duplex, 2.5m) & small form (1.25mm)SC,ST,LC,E2000 etc.
  • Be able to free-standing, against a wall or between equipment cabinets
  • Have a High-Density approach (up to 1920 SC terminations possible in 2200 x 1050 x300 mm)
  • Maintain MBR throughout the system. (Bit Error, signal loss)
  • Provide routing and slack storage. (avoid spaghetti)
  • Be easy accessable and provide laser-safety (Human error)
  • Have minimal cable movement!

Movement can introduce stress & attenuation on fibers.

There is no general ODF solution for any FttH project.

Quintis will make an ODF dedicated to your project needs.

We invite you to browse around in our business cases to experience the wide variety of solutions we have provided. 

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