Fiber to the Home - Introduction

Fiber to the Home (FttH) is a broadband telecommunications system based on fiber-optic cables and associated optical electronics for delivery of multiple advanced services such as of telephone, broadband Internet and television across one link (triple play) all the way to the home or business.

Quintis is providing a solution for terminating high volumes of fiber optic cables in a small footprint PoP. This is very important since the Point of Presence (PoP) is a very small building in the living area.

Quintis has been active in the FttH market since it's start.

It offers an end-to-end solution in the PoP. The hearth of the PoP is the Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) where all outside plant cables enter the PoP. In the ODF these cables are spliced and patched onto the equipment. This will require a high level of cable management in order to make the routing of all cables work. An ODF frame (2200x1200x300mm) can terminate as much as 1920 fibers based on the SC style connector!

The Quintis approach is to divide the whole solution into small building blocks.

You will find these building blocks to be unique for every FttH solution.

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