Fiber to the Home - The Approach

The Quintis approach is to divide the passive infrastructural requirements of each FttH project in building blocks.

These building blocks are essential parts of the fiber infrastructure in the PoP. The PoP itself can vary from just a few square meters up to several hundreds, depending on the FttH lay-out. We consider the PoP as a small datacenter. Thus we recognize the following building blocks:

  • Optical Distribution Frames
  • Fiber Optic Cable Management
  • Active equipment cabinets

The building blocks together will make the end-to-end PoP connection for each customer to the required high speed digital services.

Therefore these building blocks have to be tuned to each other in order to make the whole solution work. Quintis gives you the certainty that we have the knowledge, skills and tools to make your FttH project tailor-made!


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