#4 - Pathways and Spaces

Data Copper & Fiber Cabling

Preferrably overhead in separate trays. Data cabling = dynamic cabling

  • Cable trays > 2.7 m (9 ft.) above floor & suspended from the ceiling
  • Cable trays bonded and grounded as per the authority having jurisdiction.
  • Coordinate the design with architects/engineers so that cable trays, lighting, plumbing, air ducts, power and fire protection do not interfere with each other.

NEW: Black or Grey coloured Noryl® ducting that guarantees bending radius and avoides point pressuring cables!

Fiber Optic Pathways

Why use a special ducting system for Fiber optic Cabling?

  • To maintain a proper Bending Radius >30mm throughout the whole ducting system.
  • Risks with fiber Minimal Bending Radius (MBR)

Micro bending < the cable diameter
Macro bending between Cable Diameter and MBR (MBR >30mm)
Example of a typical datacenter link can have as many as 30 bends that must be managed. Due to macro bends we expect 0.05dB/bend. This can equate up to 1,5 dB of loss. (3dB = 50% loss!)

What implications does poor cable management have?

  • Bad access to cable ducting
  • Uncontrolled routing of cables
  • Frequent opening of floor tiles
  • Introducing overlength
  • Deleting redundancy
  • Loss of bandwidth
  • No network integrity!

Quintis is dealing with cable management for over 10 years and has special solutions for it. We have been in the FO datacenters from starters on and know all ins and outs on Fiber Management.

First of all, the space between the ODF and the 19-inch cabinets needs to be filled with an adequate ducting system.

A special FO ducting systems, known as Yellow Ducting will provide you with all necessary elements in cable management. It guarantees the bending radius needed for fiber and is adaptable and expandable in a live situation.

Our yellow ducting is the only ducting made out of halogen free NORYL®.

In every datacenter the regulations will prohibit the use of halogens. Halogens are dangerous in case of fire since they can aggressively damage men, equipment and buildings.

When using NORYL® ducting you will comply to these regulations. Quintis will support you in the design and implementation of the ducting.

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