#3 - Racks and Spaces

Hot and Cold Aisles

When racks or cabinets are used, they should be installed so that all cabinet/rack fronts face each other, creating "cold" aisles. The backs of the cabinets/racks create the "hot" aisles.

  • Use 1000mm deep racks for servers, plan deep racks!
  • Use a 42HU for workability.
  • Use 800mm wide racks for proper cable management at the sides.
  • Today's Server Cabinets have >70% perforated front & rear doors
  • Use Frames with improved strength for heavy server load
  • Plan double doors to keep you aisle compact
  • Create an isolated cold aisle,using a roof and door construction
  • We can provide extension bays to make your current cabinet 800 1000mm deep.

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