#2.3 - Optical Distribution Frame

The Outside Plant (OSP) cables enter your datacenter at the Primary Entrance Facility (see star topology). Here you will plan a Main ODF for the entering cables. You will either splice through or splice and patch the OSP cabling. The Main ODF is the exchange point between OSP and Inside Plant cabling (ISP).

According to the star topology you will then design an Intermediate ODF between the Main Distribution Area (MDA) and the Horizontal Distribution Area (HDA).

It is wise to stick to overall 300m rule for 10Gb so you can run both MM and SM cabling.

Store slack properly: jacketed > use storage & routing spools ! unjacketed > on the splice cassette

Use a High density approach for your need to plan full capacity from starters. Save valuable floorspace.

Maintain the Minimal Bending Radius (MBR) throughout the ODF.

Have minimal cable movement, fiber optical cabling and movement don't go along very well.

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