#2.1 - Copper Cabling

For a future proof datacenter your Infrastructure should meet the latest standards, therefore plan & design a 10Gb system.

10GBase-T Copper UTP (10Gb) IEEE 802.3an
10GX Sytem @ Bandwidth > 625 MHz 

Points to consider:

  • Alien Crosstalk influences and bending radius are to be considered in:

    • Design of the pathways (shielding, bending) use a dedicated ducting that guarantees bending radius limiting.
    • Installation practice (avoid bending, kinking)
  • Limited distances: keep in mind that 1Gb only supports 55m.

    • Class E Augmented CAT6 (10GX) Max 100m
    • Class F Shielded Cable Max 100m
    • Class E Cat6 (1Gb) Max 55m

Upcoming: Limited Combustible Cabling (LCC)

  • LCC = jacketed & insulated with fluoropolymer resin (Teflon®)
  • 20min. before burning > factor 10 over typical plenum rated cable

Why: Limited Combustible Cabling (LCC)

  • 95% fire damage in a DC = related to smoke, not flames !
  • Cables are the No.1 primary fire hazard in a DC
  • Install fire protection under floor or use LCC ?
  • LCC also performs better (< degradation/loss) in hot cabinets

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