#1 - Datacenter Star Topology

As per the draft SP-3-0092 (to be published as TIA-942), specific spaces are defined to s atisfy the need of data centers.

The new spaces are:

  • Computer room
  • Entrance room
  • Support Area Telecom Room (TR)
  • Main distribution area (MDA)
  • Horizontal distribution area (HDA)
  • Zone distribution area (ZDA)
  • Equipment distribution area (EDA)
  • Data center support area

The star topology will define your cabling infrastructure.

Points to consider:

  • Estimate full capacity & provide architects and engineers with the space requirements
  • Based on the data center plans, create & establish the location of all required areas
  • Plan for the pathway requirements to connect all these areas
  • Design the telecommunications cabling system for today's and tomorrow's equipment needs
  • Consider consolidating standardized and proprietary cabling into a single structured cabling system

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